The Dirty Secrets of Oil

If you want to know what the best oil to protect your high performance engine is, who better to ask than a guy who has spent 15 years of his life analyzing oil samples from nearly every type and make of engine in existence.

In "The Dirty Secrets of Oil" Ryan Stark of Blackstone Labs and I talke about his work and experience in oil analysis. Oil analysis is imply a series of tests that a lab can do on a sample of oil from your engine to determine how the engine is running, how it's wearing and if the oil itself is performing optimally. During the interview, Ryan shared with us:

  • What's the best oil out on the market today and why (the answer will surprise you!)
  • What the numbers on the oil bottle really mean and whether it's okay to use a different oil than the one the factory recommends
  • When you might want to use a different oil viscosity
  • What operating conditions or modifications affect engine wear and how badly?
  • When we should really change our oil (how often is really necessary)?
  • Do oil additives work? are there any that Ryan recommends based on his lab results?
  • What oil analysis can tell you about the internal workings of your engine, and what it cannot.


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