Secrets of Header & Exhaust Design

In The Secrets of Header & Exhaust Design, you'll get a unique opportunity to listen to an interview with John Grudynski of Hytech exhaust as he shares his wisdom from decades of building race winning custom headers and exhaust systems for street cars and a whole host of winning teams from SCCA, Dirt Track, Grand Am, and more.

You'll receive a copy of the entire interview in MP3 Audio format as well as the transcript in PDF/eBook format which was part of the interview series available to Tuner University Premium members.

Price: $69.95

Here's what you'll learn when you claim your copy of this incredible course:

  • An incredible and EASY trick that almost anyone can use (especially on newer cars) to improve the flow of their factory catalytic converter and often achieve the same gains as an aftermarket header while remaining completely legal and "eco-friendly"
  • Non-sequential vs sequential pairing of cylinders in header design and how you can use this technology from Formula Atlantic cars to uncover hidden power
  • When to use a "4-1, 6-1, 8-1  collector" vs a "Tri-Y" 4-2-1, 6-2-1, etc, style collector
  • Why a bigger exhaust may produce more power on the dyno, but not always a faster car
  • Why the key to a faster car is transient response, not necessarily horsepower.
  • How John's favorite "anti-reversion" chamber technology works and how these unique chambers add power and improve transient response.
  • 2 very valuable recommendations for aftermarket "high flow" catalytic converts that don't fail every 10,000-15,000 miles. Hint: one of them is used to legalize exotic cars imported to the United States and has been used on cars such as the McLaren F1.
  • Lessons from the incredibly competitive Formula Ford racing series that you can apply to your car, regardless of the manufacturer
  • The simple but very counter-intuitive tweak to the collector of your header that can create HUGE power gains for you. Almost no aftermarket header utilizes this trick but it's been an exploited trick in F1 for decades.
  • How to best size your exhaust system for the street including how to use the "step" system.
  • Exactly how John was able to extract 20 horsepower from the already highly developed Integra Type-R engine almost on his first try. Where he started and what created the majority of the gains.
  • Why you shouldn't run an open header, but how you can still get maximum power
  • and a LOT more.

Price: $69.95

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