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Blending In: Making Aftermarket Wheels Look “Factory”

While some people want the "modified" look, others prefer to keep a lower profile.

I'm one of them, as when I'm stopped by a police officer, I don't want them saying "boy racer" as they approach the car--not the best first impression. I'm always humored when folks complain that they were stopped for an exhaust or whatever. It may be "profiling" or "harassment" but, unfortunately, just because it isn't totally fair doesn't mean it is ever going to stop.

Even if you don't care about the attention of authorities, perhaps you don't want every other boy racer in their rice mobile revving at you at every traffic light in town.

One of the ways that you can disguise your modifications is to make your aftermarket wheels blend in better. It also tends to be better looking to the average person and gives your car that "factory tuned" appearance when done right.


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