Engine Tuning Secrets with Ben Strader of EFI University

enginetuningsecretsIn Engine Tuning Secrets, you'll get a unique opportunity to listen to a class featuring Ben Strader of EFI University as he shares his wisdom from decades of tuning vehicles and being the guy who teaches everyone else from OEM manufacturers to race teams how to tune their cars and their customer's cars.

Ben is the guru's guru if you will and in this course you'll get straight forward answers on the tuning process and how to get the most out of your build.

You'll receive a copy of the entire interview in MP3 Audio format as well as the transcript manual in PDF/eBook format.

Price: $69.95


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- Header Design Secrets with John Grudynski (MP3 and transcript) - $69.95 value
- Dirty Secrets of Oil with Ryan Stark (MP3 and transcript) - $69.95 value
- Engine Tuning Secrets with Ben Strader of EFI University (MP3 and Transcript) - $69.95 value

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