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In order to view this and other incredible content you must be a Tuner University Premium member (or your not logged in). Unfortunately, Tuner University Premium is no longer available. However, for a limited time, I am offering the entire back catalog of the TU Premium content ... in other words, all the classes that you can purchase individually from the TU Resource Center - for one insanely low package price:

With the possibility of Tuner University coming back, I wanted to give you a special Performance Package deal on pretty much all of our premium courses to date:

- Top 10 Performance Myths Class (MP3 and Edited Transcript) - $29.95 value
- Performance on a Sip of Fuel Class (MP3 and class manual) - $49.95 value
- Header Design Secrets with John Grudynski (MP3 and transcript) - $39.95 value
- Dirty Secrets of Oil with Ryan Stark (MP3 and transcript) - $39.95 value
- Engine Tuning Secrets with Ben Strader of EFI University (MP3 and Transcript) - $39.95 value

Get all of the above courses (many of which not currently available anywhere else) for one single price of just $239.70 $49.95. You can also buy any of these individually through our resource center, but I don't know why you would as this is basically the whole store for the price of just 1 course. You'll get the MP3 recordings of each class as well as a transcript or companion manual with each course and you'll be able to download them all INSTANTLY.

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Claim your package above while it lasts. Once this opportunity is gone, it's gone forever. As always, if you're not 100% satisfied, just let me know and we'll get you a refund. No risk, I know our stuff is top notch and you're going to find it the best investment you've made in your car. Go ahead and claim your copy now... some of the smartest dudes in engine building and motorsport await you inside.

Nazeer Moola, TU Premium Member from South Africa

TU Premium Member Testimonial

Thanks to Tuner University I have found that a few mods which were done on my vehicle that did not make any sense. I have since reverted from these mods and couldn't be happier because the difference is as clear as day and night and I now also have full understanding of exactly what is occurring. Now It seems that I do not have enough documentation from T.U and can't wait for new articles. Good Job Nathan and thank you very much! -- Nazeer Moola, South Africa (TU Premium Member )