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Rediculous Mods: The Problem with Lightweight Lug Nuts

First of all, I apologize for missing last Friday's post. I was quite busy last week but I plan to bring you two great articles this week, starting with today's article. Without further delay, let's get going...

There are a number of products marketed to automotive enthusiasts that are so ridiculous it's a wonder that they actually sell. However, as many of you, I am often tempted by the bright and shiny - so hopefully this article will steer you clear of at least one silly modification.

Lightweight lug nuts are perhaps some of more useless items being sold to guys who seem to think that 'every little bit counts' (which is sort of like being penny wise but pound foolish - look that phrase up if you're not familiar). While small things can add up, for most enthusiasts with actual wallets to think about, I like to focus on the big bang for my buck type stuff.

Why are lightweight lug nuts ridiculous?


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